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 Titel: A spanking session with Lady Cherie
Indlæg: 25. sep 2015, 22:07 

Tilmeldt: 24. sep 2015, 08:06
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I visited Lady Cherie about a week ago and it was truly one of the best domination session I've ever had. Lady Cherie is absolutely professional in everything she does and I would highly recommend to pay her a visit if you get the chance.

Lady Cherie is an amazingly beautiful woman with an absolutely perfect body. She's got long blond hair, beautiful eyes, a much appealing face and moves a like a true dominatrix. During this particular session she was dressed in a tight black spandex cat suit and latex-like high heel boots. That outfit was tremendous and I can't really stop thinking about how perfect it suited her.

Since I was just visiting Copenhagen for a few days I wasn't familiar with the area where Lady Cherie is staying so I got a bit lost and couldn't find an ATM in the nearby area. Therefor I first had to find her apartment, which I did, but I was about 5-10 minutes late. I apologised and asked to been giving the chance to go and find an ATM and the return as quick as possible. She agreed and I returned half an hour later. In other words: not a good start from my side.

When I got back I was told to take a shower and get undressed. Then I was allowed to enter her very well equipped dungeon. She pulled me by the ear as she walked me into the room and placed me in front of a mirror. She told me about my bad behaviour and explained what was going to happen.

Without going too much into details I was spanked extremely serve over her knee two times and paddled while kneeling over a bench. I also got a slap in the face that felt a lot. The role play theme was based upon a corporal punishment story and Lady Cherie played the role as Aunt Cherie magnificently. The implements used were hairbrush, bath paddle, spencer paddle with holes, a special kind of brush Lady Cherie had and finally her hand. During the entire session Lady Cherie was verbally dominating me from start to finish and I can tell you that you do not want to disobey this lovely lady. She is as strict and stern as one can be and you will undoubtedly do as your told.

The spanking and paddling I got was so serve that my very sore bottom start to bleed at the end of the session, and not just a little, but a lot. Do you think that stopped Lady Cherie from continuing her punishment? Of course not! She finished the punishment by pulling me over her knee for one more hand spanking, making me feel like a very naughty boy. Last but not least I was allowed to go down on my knees and masturbate in front of her while she watched.

More than a week later it still hurts every time I sit down and the marks she left are still highly visible. The bruises starts to heal but they will most likely remain for another week or so.

I feel the most sincere and deep gratitude for being giving the opportunity to meet Lady Cherie, an equally elegant, sexy, fascinating and absolutely amazing Lady.

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